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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Where are the bumper stickers?

I can't help noticing that ANWR's fate is now being decided without the aid of bumper stickers. How is this possible? What may be the most important resource battle of our times in America is occurring without the aid of this most American of propganda tools.

Even the folks at, which advocates using green ribbons to protest ANWR drilling, fail to offer supporters any ACTUAL green ribbons. It seems obvious to me that they ought to come up with a green version of those magnetized ribbons we see all over the place now supporting our troops in Iraq and patriotism in general.

A quick Google search revealed virtually zero ANWR-related bumper stickers. Over at, that haven of homegrown boosterism, I found a few things. The pro-drilling side has a nice simple sticker available. The anti-drilling forces have a whole mess of products available here, but their logo is really rather lame and there's not a single bumper sticker in the inventory. Quite a grave oversight. There also appears to be a vestigial campaign getting under way here, but their message is ambiguous.

Come on, people, this is disappointing.