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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wisconsin students hit the road for ANWR

A group of college students from Wisconsin plans to hit the road this month to visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in response to recent Congressional actions to allow oil drilling in the refuge. The eight students from Northland College in Ashland will drive to the refuge to "observe conditions" and meet with scientists, teachers and other students.

"A bunch of us decided that we needed to give our bodily presence to this issue and also help our own communities become more aware of what was actually going on up there," said student Leah Olm.

The group intends to return with a report that includes scientific material and artistic representations to raise local awareness. Art Major Emily Pimm, one of the travelers, said she is saddened by how oil drilling might affect the lands and indigenous peoples. "To think of that as being gone or taken away because someone wants to drive their cars with more gas, it seems ridiculous to me," she said.

OK, but aren't you driving up there?

Oh well. The students will receive academic credit for the project, and will present their findings to the community when they return in June.

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