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Thursday, March 24, 2005 asks: What's ANWR worth?

Dave Roberts of the offbeat environmental journalism website asks readers: 'What would you trade for ANWR drilling if the Republicans were bargaining?'

The question is academic, since Republicans AREN'T in a bargaining mood. Nevertheless, he wants to know what concessions you'd give to allow drilling? Full compliance with the Kyoto global warming treaty? Greater subsidies for clean energy?

Roberts writes: "It's time enviros gave up the notion that their every goal is an absolute moral imperative and started thinking about their relative worth, what's important and what isn't, what can be compromised on and what can't. This is just a prod to get that sort of thinking started."

His readers don't seem to agree. With 110 votes cast at this writing, most wouldn't give an inch to allow ANWR drilling.