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Friday, June 03, 2005

Drilling foes set June 11 as 'Arctic Action Day'

Environmental groups and others opposed to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have targeted June 11 as "Arctic Action Day." Coordinated by the Alaska Wilderness League, they have set up a new toll-free hotline to help people contact their elected officials to voice opposition to ANWR drilling. By calling 1-888-8-WILDAK (1-888-894-5325), activists will be seamlessly routed to the office of their local representative in Congress.

The coalition has also created free "Arctic Action Kits" that people can use to host local events to stir up opposition to drilling. The kits include copies of short documentary films that can be presented at small "house parties" to raise awareness about the threats posed by ANWR drilling. Participants can also obtain free copies of the documentary "Being Caribou" that we just posted about in the previous entry on this blog.

The Wilderness Society had this to say about Arctic Action Day in a recent email alert:
"This summer will be a pivotal time for the battle to save the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. House and Senate committees
will be laboring to write legislative language opening the
Refuge to oil drilling to be included in a 'reconciliation' bill
that will be considered by both chambers in September. Our goal
between now and then will be to mobilize an unprecedented show
of public opposition to drilling across the country. It all
starts with Arctic Action Day, June 11."

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